Lisa Giesler - gets to the heart of the matter of disorganization.

LisaGieslerUnclutteredA native New Orleanian, married, and mother of two; Lisa Giesler comes from a family of six that at times quickly expanded to a household of twelve. She learned early the value of organization and personal space that has carried forward into a career of helping others to have an enjoyable and productive life. Lisa gets to the heart of the matter of disorganization. She is the owner of “A Time and Place for Everything”, LLC and the author of the award winning book, My Life is a Mess: Organizing 101.¬† She also has a new book – Uncluttered: Discovering Strength and Purpose in the Chaos of Life.” Her humorous and informative speaking style entertains and encourages while educating various groups.

Lisa has been featured on Great Day Houston, Stafford TV, ABC’s Live Well Network, Sugar Land Home and Garden Show, and various publications. Lisa enjoys volunteering in her local community and church. She is also a volunteer staff member for Faith and Action, located in Washington, D.C. Lisa is a member of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) and holds credentials through Evangelical Church Alliance.

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